Hassan Ismail Fawaz

Ph.D. student - Université Haute-Alsace

Lecturer at ENSISA

12 rue des Frères Lumière, 68093 Mulhouse, France
Tel: +33-3-89336960

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I am a PhD student in Computer and Data Science at the IRIMAS of the Université Haute-Alsace. I am currently working on machine learning algorithms for time series classification with my brilliant supervisors: Germain Forestier, Jonathan Weber, Lhassane Idoumghar and Pierre-Alain Muller. I hold an M.Sc. (2017) in Databases and Artificial Intelligence from the Université de Bourgogne - Dijon (France) and another M.Sc. (2017) in Software Engineering from the Université Antonine - Beirut (Lebanon). During my master thesis at Orange Labs - Sophia Antipolis (France) I developed a recommendation engine for a dataset exchange platform by combining machine learning and semantic web data. As for my final year engineering project TICKET Lab - Beirut (Lebanon) I worked on preserving data privacy using linear programming optimization techniques. Since 2018, I have been the instructor of the Deep Learning course at the engineering school ENSISA.

My research interests include Time series analysis, particularly Deep learning; Data augmentation; Transfer learning; Adversarial Attacks and Clustering techniques applied for time series classification.

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  • Deep Learning 20 hours for M.Sc. students in Computer Science.
  • Web Programming 24 hours for engineering students in Computer Science.